Live guilt free; make yourself the priority; break the cycle of codependency and live the life you always wanted.

Our decisions formulate our actions; who we choose to interact, how we respond, how we move, and ultimately who we become. Life has a way of presenting situations that may leave you in a quandary, wondering if you’re making the right decision. Sarita Lynn, one who could be called a behaviorist, emphatically dissects how the decisions that you make based off others can leave you in a state where you aren’t in control according to her book, “The Quandary: Feeling Responsible for What’s Not Mine.”

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Sarita Lynn is the CEO of Skie Publishing, LLC. She has her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Social Sciences from the University of Maryland University College. Sarita currently serves on the Charles County Commission for Women Board to advocate and raise awareness of issues affecting women and families. For 27 years, she enabled her brother who had a drug addiction which ultimately led to his overdose and passing in 2013 at the age of 42. Sarita now spends her time helping others who find themselves in any codependent relationship and want to break the cycle. She is also a motivational speaker and the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Ebony and Imani. It has been Sarita’s faith and active prayer life that have strengthened her through life’s situations; being able to effectively disseminate one’s quandary.

As you turn the pages in this book, Sarita teaches you how to identify the specific warning signs of codependence. She helps you to develop an action plan to break the ongoing cycle and teaches how to finally make yourself a priority to live your best life.

The Quandary: Feeling Responsible for What’s Not Mine is available now from Skie Publishing at It  is available on, Barnes &, and To learn more about Sarita Lynn and her new book, visit:


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