New Book: Finally Free by Jen Bantner

Out of the depths of depression comes a trophy of God’s grace, an overcomer, Jen Bantner was sick and tired of being sick and tired, she is “Finally Free.”

Author, motivator, speaker, wife, mother, and most importantly God’s warrior, Jen Bantner, bares her soul, her trials, her triumphs, her journey, her foundational truths that have set her free in her book, Finally Free. Living in the hope of spiritual healing, Jen armored up to tackle years of depression, addiction, and self-hate; sharing her story that you too can be free from whatever binds you.

availableJen Bantner from Rockford, IL, is known as being a passionate motivational speaker, entrepreneur, health coach, business coach; awakening others to dream again. Conquering the battle of obesity loosing over 160 pounds is not an understatement, this woman of grace lives a life of triumph invoking a mindset that God’s unconditional love removes one from any shame, allowing you to find rest in Him and escaping from the prison of unworthiness, fear, doubt, and unbelief; know you are free in Jesus, so live the life He intended for you.

Jen will articulate in a way that will make this an easy read bringing freedom to you from your own prison’s. Man or woman these life changing revelations will begin to change your identity in how you see yourself freeing you to love yourself living the victorious life! It will open your heart up to discover and become the real person that God created you to be impacting you and those around you for generations to come. No more self-hate but a freedom that remains having you live a life of peace and joy perusing the desires of your heart finishing your race strong declaring “ I’m FINALLY FREE! Finally Free gives readers the guidance and understanding of knowing that their lives were bought with a price long ago and they don’t have to be bound.

Finally Free will be available January 4, 2019 at 10am est. from Publishing Advantage Group It will be available on, Barnes &, and To learn more about Jen Bantner and her new book, visit:


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