NEW BOOK: “Rainy Days to Reigning Days.” by Deborah Jones

Put your umbrella down and allow your rainy days to guide you into reigning days.

Chicago, IL, March 29, 2019; If you’ve been lost and having too many rainy days, let God into your life at your own pace with Deborah Jones’, “Rainy Days to Reigning Days.” Open up the shutters and reign over your life.

3dJones, a Licensed Missionary and Sunday School Teacher at First Paradise Missionary Baptist Church has carefully crafted a sermon guide that will allow readers to embrace the message that God has for you. As a proud member of First Paradise Missionary Baptist Church for over 25 years, Missionary Jones has set under the tutelage of Pastor Albert D. Simmons. It is through his powerful sermons, Missionary Jones was able to notate, using them to create an uplifting guide to assist in reigning over your life.

This guide will crosswalk you through any of your day to day struggles; learning how to embrace your enemies, what is there to do when the odds are against you, or what is truly the power of your purpose, are just a few things that you will can gain from this book. Readers will be able to take the authority over the rainy days in their lives and walk umbrella free into their reigning days.


Rainy Days to Reigning Days is available now for from Publishing Advantage Group It’s available on




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