The god of the Hustle, an overcomer of the struggle!

The god of the Hustle, an overcomer of the struggle, a single mom purposely bares all in new book, “Becoming A Powerful Creator.” Available October 5, 2018

Full CoverAuthor, motivator, speaker, and most importantly, single mother, Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett pulls back the dirt, plants the seeds, and like a rose that bust through the concrete; she expresses in her new book how we all are destined to be powerful creators. Based on her life experiences she shares that our thoughts, actions, and decisions brings us to many crossroads where we ultimately can create the outcome.

Born and raised in her current hometown of Oakland, CA. Ler’e who goes by the alias “Hustle God”, is a mother of 2 young men she raised as a single mother all while attending college and working 3 jobs. In college she received 4 college degrees, a Bachelor of Science in physical therapy with Cum Laude status, an associate degrees in social and behavioral science, liberal arts and radiologic science.

Readers or shall we refer to them as how Ler’e does, “powerful creators” will be able to identify through page upon page that their purpose is a process that begins with the awareness of self, confirmations, cohesiveness of alignments and even coincidences. Living on purpose and through purpose one is awakened to the powerful creator within them.

Becoming A Powerful Creator by Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett is to be published October 5, 2018, from Publishing Advantage Group. It will be available on, Barnes &, and To learn more about Ler’e “Hustle God” Garrett and her new book, visit:

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