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Hi, my name is Kelly Cole. I'm humbled to say I'm a Minister, #1 Best Selling Author of a book called "Conversations With Sharks" Secrets Shared From ABC Shark Tank, I'm also a very successful entrepreneur & businessman. I am also married, with three kids.

Although I have been blessed with a healthy income, it wasn’t always this way. I started out as a guy who worked 2 jobs to support his family. I worked at Walmart in the day time and Blockbuster Video at night.

Spending all of my spare time, energy and money (which wasn’t very much – LOL) trying to find what I was supposed to be doing.

I'm now thankful because I was blessed enough to find my passion of helping people live their Dreams and make a Living Doing So!

My Journey began July 15, 2005!

July 15 is very special to me, it is the anniversary of me quitting my 2 jobs at Walmart & Blockbuster and starting my internet business from home!

Many said I was crazy! One manager looked at me said you'll be back just like the rest of them!

Here it is 10yrs later and I'm still standing with a successful biz!

It has not been a cake walk I have had many failures!

I've lost Thousands of Dollars on this business opportunity and that business opportunity, this idea and that idea, website after website; I've probably been scammed out of money in every way possible!

Things got so bad for me and my family financially I couldn't pay rent for 7 months!

My internet kept getting cut off and I had to walk to the library to get on the internet!

My lowest point came when my wife was ready to leave because I just wasn’t making enough money to provide for a family!

That had to be my lowest point!

Not soon after is when it all turned around for me! After Years of Struggle, Me and My Family were able to start living an Amazing Life!

This is us at Disney World!

My first venture online that really started to put food on the table was website flipping! I was flipping websites hand over fist!

Check out this website I flipped below:

The only problem with that was the market got saturated, so I had to find something else!

Then I stared providing marketing online marketing for clients all over the world, the money was good doing that, I just lost interest providing the service I was offering.

Not too long after that is when I got the idea to interview 2 Millionaires from the TV Show Shark Tank and wrote a book about it!

It went on to hit #1 on Amazon's Best Seller's List and the rest is History!

So as you can see I've also had some successes!

This year it hit my July 15 will be my 10yr Anniversary of me starting my business!

In celebration of my anniversary I want to give u the opportunity to share in one of my Most Successful Ventures!

You see after Publishing my book I got bombarded with questions from people who had a Dream to become published authors themselves,

So BAM, Next Thing I know I'm helping people Dreams come true and I'm in the Book Publishing Business!

And we have been profitable Day 1!

Here is Picture of my very first Client!

Here is your chance to bypass years of trial and error and losing money and jump right into a Profitable Business that Makes Money!

Introducing Christian Book Publishing Profits

As I explained earlier, over the years I've pretty much tried everything to make money from home and like I said most of them failed but some of them were successful!

The most profitable source of income hands down has been my Book Publishing Business!

I know you may be wondering 2 things.....

Does this method actually work and How much is it going to cost me to get my hands on it?

I promise the price will surprise you!

Check out some of the proof below!

So...Why Am I Doing This?

If I have the ability to share with others the information I wish I had back in 2005 - Then I'd be selfish not to!


I know the fastest way to get everything I want out of life is to help enough others get what they want!

In order to be successful online, you need a proven system....

Which the Christian Book Publishing Profits method is!

My company has published books for people of all walks of life!

Like Jessica Rogers 16yr old and born blind.

Retired NBA Player - Keith Mister Jennings

The great thing for you is, I have made all the mistakes, and made all the wrong moves so you don't have to!

I perfected an Easy to follow Step by Step System that anyone can follow to make a full time living from home with their own Christian Book Publishing Company!

I have recorded every step of the process, from Getting Clients & Closing Deal to What to do after you have completed the client’s book and everything in-between!

Check out the list of some of modules below:

- Introduction - What You Need To Get Started

- Step By Step Process to Publishing a Book

- How To Get Clients & Close DEAL$!

- How to distribute a book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million

- How To Structure Your Publishing Package

- How To Collect Your Money & Get Paid!

- Where to find Book Editors & How to Format a Book!

- Where to Get Book Covers Designed for Pennies on a Dollar!

I walk you through Every Step of Setting Up Your Publishing Company & Taking Care of Your Clients Every Need!

You will receive a total of 22 Step by Step Video Modules

Plus for the first 15 that order I'm going to also throw in the following fast action bonuses!

- Simple Sales Email - This is my tried and Tested Email Template I have used to close deals via email!

- Book Formatting Templates - These templates are a life saver, the will save you & your editor time in formatting your client’s books!

- Contract Template - This a is standard Book Publishing contract that states what you will do as the Publisher & what is expected of your client as the author.

- My Black Book Of Golden Resources ($Priceless Value) - You can't imagine the resources I have compiled over the years, the resources in this bonus will save you large amounts of money and time.

PLUS 3 Secret Bonuses That Will KNOCK Your Socks Off!

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"Successful people don't care how much something cost, all they care about is how much money it will make them!"

The Christian Book Publishing Profits Course Retails for $1997!

Now at that price all u would have to do is get 2 clients and you would make your money back!

With the module I give u on getting clients you can do that in your first week!

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