The book that belongs to God; “Where The Wind Blows”

The book that belongs to God; “Where The Wind Blows” a beloved, charismatic and passionate father insights in his children’s book how miracles happen when we least expect it.

3dcoverReggie Grubb would be the first to say his name on this book doesn’t matter however what’s most important is the messages one instills into their children on a consistent basis. Based on a dream where he immediately woke and wrote the title and the outline of this book; Reggie revolutionizes how fathers can tenderly and objectively educate their children.

“Reading this book with your child will solidify their faith in God,” Reggie proclaims. With over 20 years of experience working with children, a coach, youth pastor, devoted husband and the father of three boys knows that in this generation our children’s faith will be tested. Parents must grab hold to our adolescents while we can and now is the time more than ever.

Children are a gift from God. What we choose to do with this gift is our responsibility. Where The Wind Blows is a book that God in fact wants you to read with your children. It’s all about a boy’s love for his dad and his approval. However one views approval is so prevalent in this day and age. In the book and in life we must make our children our priorities and assist in teaching life lessons that will catapult our gifts into the true value they were destined to become.

Where The Wind Blows by Reggie Grubb is to be released August 27, 2018 from Publishing Advantage Group. It will be available on,  To learn more about Reggie Grubb and his new book, visit:

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